Top 5 amazing free teaching apps to improve pupil engagement

Whether we like it not, the next generation of children are mad about screens, if they can’t ‘swipe it’ they aren’t interested! As a result, it is undoubtedly more difficult to engage young people in class.

So what is the appropriate response from teachers?

Technology in the classroom can be a really valuable tool to engage young people. We’re not suggesting it should replace traditional teaching techniques and human interaction, but it can be used along-side them to compliment and enhance teaching and learning.

So, we’ve come up with our top 5 amazing FREE apps that improve pupil engagement…

1. See Saw

See Saw is a student portfolio App. It allows pupils to take pictures of their work and activities to build up a portfolio that parents can see, giving families an immediate and personalised window into their child’s school day, helping to answer: “What did you do at school today?”. It also allows teachers to record academic progress and quickly understand how students are progressing towards key curriculum objectives.

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2. Kahoot

In the battle for pupil’s attention and engagement, teachers are competing with games consoles, tablets, TV on demand and smart phones. Kahoot is a strong competitor and allows teachers to turn any lesson into a fun and exciting game show! With Kahoot, all you have to do is enter prepared questions and answers into the GetKahoot Website and your questions instantly turn into a fun quiz. Your students can then download the kahoot app to use as a buzzer.

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3. Duolingo for schools

The world’s most popular language learning platform is now available for the classroom. Duolingo makes learning languages fun and addictive by gamerfying it. You can earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. It is not only extremely engaging, but it is proven to accelerate learning and be effective academically.

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4. Bitsboard

Bitsboard has dozens of great little games and puzzles that can be used for icebreakers, time fillers, golden time and lesson content. It also offers a platform for sharing lesson resources with other teachers or with your pupils. This can be great for finding resources and inspiration for your own lessons, but also delivering lesson content to the learners.

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5. Trackit Lights

        Finally, for the ultimate behaviour enhancement tool.


Call us biased but we are obviously going to suggest our own app!

Behaviour management is one thing that teachers and pupils would like to be made less painful through the use of technology. Trackit Lights is an interactive whiteboard adaptation of the popular Traffic Lights behaviour wall chart. Compared to the wall chart it focusses more on positive behaviour and it uses behaviour icons to help pupils visualise and internalise healthy boundaries. You can log a behaviour and give class points in just 3 clicks and it appeals to visual, audio and kinaesthetic learning styles.

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