Top 5 teaching hacks (with free printable resources!)

1.‘Waiting for the teacher’ chart 


a.Click here to download your free ‘Waiting for the teacher’ chart. Print the chart (A3) ,laminate and cut it out.

b.Roll a piece of paper into a tube and tape it to the back of the arm.

c.Stick the arm to another piece of paper and mount it to the wall. 

d.Get your pupils to write their names on clothes pegs and clip them to the bottom of the chart. When they need you they can move their peg to the arm and wait for you. 


2.‘What if’ chart 

a.Click here to download your free ‘What if’ chart and print it. 

b.Write up all your class procedures for each problem.

c.Every time a new problem occurs. Add it to the listd.Explain all the procedures to the class or even better, get them to come up with the procedures, and then the next time a pupil interrupts you with a burning question, simply point to the chart.  


3.Hand Signals


a.Click here to download your free ‘Hand Signals’ wall chart and print it.  

b.Teach your pupils to use silent hand signals instead of interrupting teaching and learning for common requests. 


4.‘Brain break’ dice

a.Click here to download your free ‘Brain Break’ dice print out.

b.Print out the dice, cut it out, fold it to make a cube and stick it together with tape. 

c.When your class is getting restless or lethargic, roll a few brain breaks to snap them out of it.  


5.Bracelet reminders


a.Click here to download your free ‘bracelet reminders’ and print them (best on yellow paper). 

b.Cut them out or get your pupils to cut them out, wrap them round your pupil’s wrist and stable together.   

c.Next time your pupil’s need to remember a library book, permission slip, PE bag, homework or anything else, offer them a bracelet reminder